My name is Will, hailing from Bakersfield, California, and I am a sophomore. One of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Stevenson was because of the amazing radio program – and of course, the location helps! In fact, I am on the varsity sailing team, taking full advantage of the nearby ocean.

Being part of the resident community has given me the opportunity to make great friends. I really enjoy Vespers, a monthly opportunity for thought-provoking and in-depth speeches from our community. My dad has been my idol growing up, and some day I hope to be a reporter, doing field work.

Ending the School Year

The school year here at Stevenson is winding down and what a year it has been. I have had a really busy schedule, did the play for the first time, gotten really good at customizing my desk, climbed several large hills both literally and figuratively, and of course started this blog. This school year seemed to flash by at the speed of light, even though in some classes it seemed like time wasn’t moving. To think that in less than a month my sophomore year will be over seems ridiculous to

Find the Things You Love to Do

There is one specific activity that I absolutely love at Stevenson: radio. There are multiple types of radio shows: one person, or two, one hour, or two. The diversity pretty much comes from changing the show times and the number of people, but that does not detract from the fun of it. I find it amazingly enjoyable to just chill for an hour while playing songs and talking in-between. The fun is added upon by great co-hosts and my favorite teacher Mr. Arruda, because he is just awesome. To give


Sophomores at Stevenson have a great opportunity during their spring break: going on Expo. This expedition is an 11 day camping trip in Henry Coe State park, during which all you have above you is a tarp and below another tarp. You are with ten other people and you're hiking, on average, about 4.5 miles each day. This isn't flat terrain either as you are going up and down hills constantly while, the roads seem to have developed an incredible ability to go the wrong direction. But if I

My Desk

There is one thing in my room that I believe completely represents me best: my desk and everything on it. Starting from my top shelf, there is my small hat collection, a board game I have never played, and some laundry detergent. The hats are the particularly notable considering hats never look good on me. On the next lowest shelf there is a curious George chimp I bought one crazy night in Carmel, a mic for radio, a fake fox hat that is really comfortable for the winter, some water bottles, a

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01.05.17 The Awesomeness of Sailing
01.05.17 The Awesomeness of Sailing
01.05.17 The Awesomeness of Sailing
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What activities do you participate in at Stevenson?I'm on the sailing team and a member of the Mushroom Club. I also participate in radio and journalism activities, and am a Student Ambassador.
Advice for kids considering boarding school or Stevenson:At the start its going to be a little overwhelming but that is normal. Give it time, find the things you like, and you'll be happy. Trust me I've been through it.
Some accomplishments I'm proud of:Poetry Award and Leadership Award at Old School
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