My name is Nikki and I am a junior boarder. For me, the question "Where are you from?" is a tough one to answer. Sometimes, I just say Louisiana, where my father is from. However, it's more complicated than that. My mother is Filipina, but her family currently lives in California. My father's family lives in Louisiana, but they have French and Spanish heritage. Also, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia so that adds even more to the confusion!

I love sailing and I'm at the highest rank for Girl Scouts. One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is selling more cookies than any other Girl Scout in the entire country of Saudi Arabia! I have also visited 33 countries and have done community service work in South Korea and South Africa.

Fear Boldly

To those of you seeking sagely, pre-graduation advice, I grant you this: Listen, please, to that which your heart begs of you to do. I'm a firm believer in signs and fate, for there have been many instances in my life in which either divine providence or gracious circumstance has thrust me into my perfect place, into my destined slot in the jigsaw of life. Such an instance occurred earlier this month when, with a lump in my throat and fear in my heart, I agreed to speak at Vespers with less

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

On my calendar, I have January 16, 2017 marked as “the beginning of the rest of my life”. That day was my first day of freedom, the first day during which the opinions of others and the pressure to strive toward perfection failed to occupy my mind. The dark looming cloud that overcast my every thought finally dispersed and let the light of life seep through. At last, I earned my long-awaited liberty the day that I finally submitted the last of my college applications. All my life,

The Gift of Giving

Thanks to the generosity of the school community, the homeless of Monterey were gifted hoodies and sweaters to keep them warm during the holiday season. Every Saturday, the Student Council Community Service Committee sends a van full of students over to Monterey to help feed the homeless. Working with a church group, we set up drink and sandwich stations, cook and serve hot food, and help clean up afterwards. Though the people we help regularly express their gratitude for their weekly meal, the

Nothing but Love

Reflecting on my first year at Stevenson, I was reminded of how scary it was to enter blindly into a new life, knowing nothing about the future ahead. Transitioning from the average high-school experience to boarding life took a lot of courage and trust, especially at such a young age. However, even in the most confusing and vulnerable times, I always felt safe. Safety can be defined a number of ways: a lack of physical danger, an amicable environment, amongst others. Stevenson has been a

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Favorite on campus activity:Going to bonfires at the Senior Firepit
I chose Stevenson because...Before visiting Stevenson, I visited four other schools all across the US, yet none of them gave me that "I want to be here" feeling the way that Stevenson did. Walking around campus during Open House, the friendly students and faculty really made me feel welcome, and by the end of the day I knew that Stevenson was the school that I was looking for.
Favorite food at Café Louie Louie:Grilled cheese (reminds me of home!)
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