Hello, my name is Matt and I am a junior from Monterey, California. In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with my friends and family – and of course, sports! My favorite team sport at Stevenson is basketball, and am also on the lacrosse and football teams. I am also a part of Student Council and a Green Key Ambassador.

Choosing Stevenson was easy for me, growing up in the area, and having always known it was a great school with a lot of caring teachers. The Sophomore Wilderness Expedition is one of my favorite Stevenson traditions – not only did I have a great time spending 11 days in the wilderness, but I learned so much about myself.

The Great Tradition

As an annual tradition the boys lacrosse team takes a trip down to Santa Barbara to compete against The Cate School and The Thatcher School. Stevenson has a lot of history with these schools since the first interscholastic high school lacrosse game was played between these three teams in a tournament. In years past the competition has been really tough and we have been lucky to come away with one win. However, this year we went down and won 2-0, defeating both teams with ease. This felt great

The Trip of the Unknown

This spring I will be playing Lacrosse again for the second time in my high school career. One of the many great traditions that the Stevenson lacrosse team has is that every preseason we take a trip somewhere out of the state to play different teams. For example, last year we went to Denver Colorado, this year the team went up to Seattle to play two teams and visit a couple of colleges. The great thing about this trip is that it is open to both the JV and Varsity teams, which is great for

Unlikely Victory

This year’s 2016-2017 basketball season has been a blast. Filled with both ups and downs, it has nevertheless been a great season so far. The official preseason started with our first game on December 8 (part of the Coach Wilson tournament) and we played a team from the Bay Area. They knocked us out of NorCals 2 years ago, so this was a big game that meant a lot to both teams; we unfortunately lost that game in the last few seconds, but it was a great fight to the end from both teams. Now,

Hard work

Stevenson is a demanding school that is preparing us for future success in life.  We students trust our teachers, coaches and administrators when they say that the challenges presented to us will make us better.  Of course, the late nights studying, the early morning practices, the long rehearsal sessions don’t seem like a lot of fun when we are in the middle of them, but we trust that they will payoff.  Why do we trust that it will payoff?  We trust because we know a

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Fun Facts...

What is your favorite Stevenson tradition?Expo!! I had a great time and learned so much about myself.
Favorite team on campus:Basketball.
What activities do you participate in at Stevenson?I play football, basketball, and lacrosse. The clubs I participate in are the Chowder Club, Global awareness club, and San Club. I also serve on the Student Council and am a Student Ambassador. Outside of Stevenson, I feed the homeless every Sunday.
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