Hi. My name is Joseph and I am a sophomore boarder from Mill Valley, California. I play basketball, lacrosse, am a member of the Jewish Community Club, and I help with the technical side of theater. I also love to hike – and Pebble Beach happens to be an amazing place to do this! There are many inviting trails and beaches all within close proximity to the school. When I am not outside, I spend my free time in Keck Auditorium in theater tech or acting. I have been involved in theater since I was nine years old, and Stevenson continues to provide a comfortable space for me to continue my artistic passion.

Senior Year!

As I write, I am closing out my third year at Stevenson! What an adventure it has been so far. Now that it is May, my stress level has reduced significantly. I took my highly-anticipated AP US History exam, and I wrapped up another successful season in Track. Spring is always my favorite time at Stevenson: the daylight runs long into study hall, the air smells of blooming flowers, birds chirp outside my window in the morning, and my classes are in their most rigorous state. Graduation and other

Adventure to the Yosemite Valley!

While Stevenson places a strong focus on academics, students also pride themselves on going to a school with a very strong outdoor education program. With outdoor education along with other extracurriculars, Stevenson is able to offer a holistic learning experience. Stevenson’s Outdoor Education spends much of the year preparing for the Sophomore Expedition, in which students go on an 11-day journey through the wilderness over Spring Break. As a junior, there are still opportunities for me

Symposium 2017: A Stevenson Tradition

On a sunny day in the middle of March, Stevenson hosted its annual Symposium. On Symposium, students do not have normal classes for the day. Instead, students spend their day learning about a culture or subject. In my freshman year, students were treated to lectures from local and international entrepreneurs such as Tesla and Apple. In my sophomore year, musicians and producers came to lecture and perform. This year, Stevenson chose to focus on race in America, an undeniable and significant

The Cyprus Circuits

Happy New Year! Since returning to school after our Winter Break, the Stevenson Robotics team has been hard at work building a robot from scratch... in just six weeks! The team began competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) just last year, but already has 30 team members, and has done well in multiple competitions across California. While Stevenson’s Robotics team is in its youth, it has attracted some of the best high school robotics teams that have been around for years. As

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Favorite thing to do in your spare time:Hike
Top 5 favorite things about Stevenson1) Stevenson's open attitude towards cultures 2) Nearby beaches and hiking trails 3) Arts Department 4) Respect for other cultures and people 5) Diversity
Favorite on campus activity:Making smores at the Senior fire pit
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