I'm DeJuan and I am a junior from Chicago, Illinois. I love music, being active, and making people laugh. I play football and basketball, write for "Tusitala" (the school newspaper), and am a prefect for my dorm. One of my favorite Stevenson tradition is the Homecoming football game — it always makes me so pumped for game time.

I chose Stevenson because of its welcoming and extremely loving community-and the amazing weather. I never thought I'd enjoy going to school until I arrived at Stevenson! My advice if you are considering Stevenson is: Be ready to take risks and experience plenty of new things.

Time is Almost Up...

As a senior with about a month left of school, so much is crucial at this moment. Every single second is cherished and not taken for granted. As I wrap up my career at Stevenson I look back on all my highlights as a student here. I realize that the amount of highlights I have as a student here are abundant and that is what makes this place so special. It starts from freshmen year where I went to my first real school dance, the Freshman Mixer. I also reminiscence about my days as a student


If you have heard the rumors about Senioritis, I promise you that they are true. Extremely true. My last month of high school has been no joke at all and senioritis has hit me like a train. If you don’t know what senioritis is I’ll explain. It’s a little disease that you catch when you have already been accepted into college, you’re basically done with high school, and you just can’t find any real motivation to do work as you normally are able to. These last weeks

Moving On

As the end approaches, it seems like my entire life at Stevenson was short lived. However, that is only because my time here has been so interesting in its own ways. I have learned so much and a path has been painted for me that I will forever be grateful for. Since my senior year is wrapping up, it makes every day, every hour, every minute, and even every second extremely valuable to me since I know they will be my last ones at Stevenson. Days begin to seem shorter, weeks feel like days, and


Lately, I have been going on Sundays to feed the homeless. I got involved in feeding the homeless with a junior named Matt Gibbs, who started a group called Monterey Athletes that Care. I noticed his trend of going to feed the homeless every Sunday and thought that I should join him. On just my third time helping out I got to speak with a homeless male who went to a local high school around the area. His name was "Lefty" as he lacked half of his entire left arm. Lefty seemed too

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Fun Facts...

Something I never thought I would enjoy until I tried it at Stevenson:I'd never thought I'd enjoy going to school until I arrived at Stevenson. The curriculum isn't bad and I also look forward to seeing my close friends everyday.
Favorite food at Café Louie Louie:BLT Sandwich
Some interesting things about me:I love music, I enjoy being active, and love making people laugh and happy.
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