I'm An and I am a junior. I play field hockey, write for "Vailima," and participate in many clubs including the environmental club, the psychology club, and UNICEF — and on the weekends I help serve breakfast to the local homeless population. I've lived in four countries — Viet Nam, Hong Kong, England, and now the U.S. I've attended seven schools and lived in seven houses — and my favorite number is seven! I love traveling and I am secretly an enthusiastic fan of anything involving zombies and I'm always craving Sour Patch Kids.


I know, along with every senior in my class, exactly how many days there are until our May 21 graduation, yet it feels as if senior year started only last week, and that it was only a handful of months ago that I was a terrified thirteen year old opening the door to my first year at Stevenson: a new dorm room, waiting to for me to string up my Christmas lights, scatter clothes all over, and a new roommate, who would tape a Twilight poster to the front of our door, lend me nail polish from her

Upcoming Graduation

As graduation creeps closer and closer, crouching around the corner, prepared to ambush me at any second, I find myself glancing over my shoulder, contemplating more than ever, my time here at Stevenson, particularly with my friends and my graduating class. I feel torn between anticipation for what is to come (summer adventures! college! moving to a new country!) but also an intensifying fond sadness, and dare I say this too soon, nostalgia, a self-consciousness of how much (how little!) time I

Time Flies

I'm always marveling at how accurate the clichéd phrase time flies is—and how much I find myself marveling at how fast time flies in the conversations I've had lately. We're already half a month into spring term, immersed in AP prep, with senior luncheon just around the corner (!), and college admissions decisions rolling in. As much as I'm impatient for summer and college—the promise of new adventures!—I'm also wildly nostalgic, already sad at the

Elephant Seals!

Last week, the other marine biology students and I went on a field trip to Año Nuevo State Park to observe elephant seals. The day of our elephant seals field trip was a cold, wet one, but it was good weather for watching the elephant seals, Mr. Provost told us, because in warmer, sunnier weather the seals tend to laze around (something I could relate to!). At the start of winter term, Mr. Provost explained to us that marine biology was actually three courses in one, because we study

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Favorite food at Café Louie Louie:Pot stickers
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Top 5 favorite songs:1) "Venice" by The Lighthouse & the Whaler 2) "Skool" by San Cisco 3) "No Surprises" by Radiohead 4) "Move On" by Garden City Movement 5) "Harrison Ford" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
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