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As a senior with about a month left of school, so much is crucial at this moment. Every single second is cherished and not taken for granted. As I wrap up my career at Stevenson I look back on all my highlights as a student here. I realize that the amount of highlights I have as a student here are abundant and that is what makes this place so special. It starts from freshmen year where I went to my first real school dance, the Freshman Mixer. I also reminiscence about my days as a student athlete. I got to play four years of basketball, four years of football, and one year of baseball. I wouldn't have ever gotten that opportunity had I went to school in Chicago. I remember the glory days of us going undefeated in basketball my freshman year. I remember beating PG in football this year. Not only do I remember all my glory days in sports but I remember plenty of other times. As I think back and reflect I realize how fortunate to be in this position in the first place. I really have enjoyed my high school experience and all the credit goes to Stevenson and the amazing people that surround me. From the teachers and the faculty kids who live on campus, to the students who I've befriended through the years, and all the way to their parents who have taken me in as if I'm their own. I am extremely appreciative and grateful for the experience I've had and Stevenson will always have that special place in my heart. I think that every high school experience should be as good as mine, though I know this type of community and feeling is extremely rare. Thank you to Stevenson and the people of the community for making it unforgettable. I will truly miss it and will never forget it


I'm DeJuan and I am a junior from Chicago, Illinois. I love music, being active, and making people laugh. I play football and basketball, write for "Tusitala" (the school newspaper), and am a prefect for my dorm. One of my favorite Stevenson tradition is the Homecoming football game — it always makes me so pumped for game time.

I chose Stevenson because of its welcoming and extremely loving community-and the amazing weather. I never thought I'd enjoy going to school until I arrived at Stevenson! My advice if you are considering Stevenson is: Be ready to take risks and experience plenty of new things.

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Something I never thought I would enjoy until I tried it at Stevenson:I'd never thought I'd enjoy going to school until I arrived at Stevenson. The curriculum isn't bad and I also look forward to seeing my close friends everyday.
Favorite food at Café Louie Louie:BLT Sandwich
Some interesting things about me:I love music, I enjoy being active, and love making people laugh and happy.
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