Senior Year!


As I write, I am closing out my third year at Stevenson! What an adventure it has been so far. Now that it is May, my stress level has reduced significantly. I took my highly-anticipated AP US History exam, and I wrapped up another successful season in Track. Spring is always my favorite time at Stevenson: the daylight runs long into study hall, the air smells of blooming flowers, birds chirp outside my window in the morning, and my classes are in their most rigorous state. Graduation and other end of the year festivities bring a bittersweet feeling to campus, but it is under-shadowed by the prospects of the upcoming summer and the excitement of new experiences in the next year.

As a rising senior, I am particularly excited about my upcoming and final year at Stevenson. With more academic freedom, I am registered for classes that I am truly interested and passionate about studying. I will be studying the human experience from pre-history to modern times through art in AP Art History with Dr. Jacobs, practicing my own technique and pushing my creativity as an artist in AP Art, and analyzing the depths of literature from all around the world in both writing and reading in AP English. I am also taking Economics and State of the World, where I will train for the world after high school by learning basic financial practices and discussing current issues in society. While this is a heavy course load, I am trying to take advantage of all the classes that are offered at Stevenson and focus on subjects that I am eager to get more exposure in.

I will be also working on various projects outside of class. As usual, I will be trying to explore new activities offered at Stevenson when time permits. I am not positive yet, but I hope to do kayaking, the musical, and instructional golf after school. I will continue to participate in Model UN Conferences, Student Council, Green Key Ambassadors, and Stevenson's literary magazine Vailima. As well, I will be busy with the college application process (!) this fall. I am beginning to look into schools internationally, on the east coast, and in the Pacific Northwest.

I am most excited to begin as a Senior Prefect on campus upon my return to Stevenson. As a prefect, I will assist in residential life on campus and build a bridge between students and faculty. I look forward to working with my peers to serve as a mentor in the community.

In my final year at Stevenson I hope to continue expanding myself in every way possible and maintain the friendships that I have made. While I will be busy, I can promise that I am looking forward to the next year and will finish strong!


Hi. My name is Joseph and I am a sophomore boarder from Mill Valley, California. I play basketball, lacrosse, am a member of the Jewish Community Club, and I help with the technical side of theater. I also love to hike – and Pebble Beach happens to be an amazing place to do this! There are many inviting trails and beaches all within close proximity to the school. When I am not outside, I spend my free time in Keck Auditorium in theater tech or acting. I have been involved in theater since I was nine years old, and Stevenson continues to provide a comfortable space for me to continue my artistic passion.

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Favorite thing to do in your spare time:Hike
Top 5 favorite things about Stevenson1) Stevenson's open attitude towards cultures 2) Nearby beaches and hiking trails 3) Arts Department 4) Respect for other cultures and people 5) Diversity
Favorite on campus activity:Making smores at the Senior fire pit
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