Ending the School Year


The school year here at Stevenson is winding down and what a year it has been. I have had a really busy schedule, did the play for the first time, gotten really good at customizing my desk, climbed several large hills both literally and figuratively, and of course started this blog. This school year seemed to flash by at the speed of light, even though in some classes it seemed like time wasn't moving. To think that in less than a month my sophomore year will be over seems ridiculous to me. I still vividly remember my freshmen orientation and meeting people that I didn't know who would later become some of the best friends that I have ever known. To think that these friendships happened in just two short years is rather surprising. Some people that I have met just this year seem like lifelong friends. Even now I am still barreling ahead full-speed toward the end of the year, but I am not worried about it going by too quickly. Searching for the best way to spend every single moment has become a matter of mere habit to me. This has all been achieved by what Stevenson and its people have taught me. Life is what you make of it, not what is given to you.

Through the extremely busy schedule I have learned to make better use of my free moments. The play has taught me to find my passions and truly enjoy them. My desk saves all the tangible memories of the things I have done. Expo has shown me how giving it your all can get you farther than you think, and this blog has allowed me to express the feelings and lessons that I think are important to tell. The greatest and most important thing about everything I've done is that they happened because I made the most of my situation. Stevenson provided me with the background to make these things possible and then let me try to do them. I believe I have made the most out of these situations, and thus done extremely fun things with my two years at Stevenson. That is why I am not worried for the next two years here at Stevenson, as I already have my proven strategy: I am going to make the most out of everything I do here. It has worked before and gotten me this far, so I don't see why it won't get me the rest of the way. I'll end this last blog of the year with a promise of continuing on the path that I am on. I'll come back next year and continue writing this blog because I believe it is making the most out of the situation I am in (I also find it very fun to write!). To any readers out there, I will see you at the start of the next school year and thank you very much for reading my blogs for this first year


My name is Will, hailing from Bakersfield, California, and I am a sophomore. One of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Stevenson was because of the amazing radio program – and of course, the location helps! In fact, I am on the varsity sailing team, taking full advantage of the nearby ocean.

Being part of the resident community has given me the opportunity to make great friends. I really enjoy Vespers, a monthly opportunity for thought-provoking and in-depth speeches from our community. My dad has been my idol growing up, and some day I hope to be a reporter, doing field work.

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What activities do you participate in at Stevenson?I'm on the sailing team and a member of the Mushroom Club. I also participate in radio and journalism activities, and am a Student Ambassador.
Advice for kids considering boarding school or Stevenson:At the start its going to be a little overwhelming but that is normal. Give it time, find the things you like, and you'll be happy. Trust me I've been through it.
Some accomplishments I'm proud of:Poetry Award and Leadership Award at Old School
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