AP Art: The Ups and Downs


This year I choose to take AP Art: Drawing. I have always been interested in art and was happy to learn when I came to Stevenson I could explore my artistic abilities in numerous different ways. Freshman year I took Art 2, sophomore year I took Architecture, and this year I am taking AP Art. I started doing work for the class over the summer to get a head start, as did the rest of the class. I'm very glad I did this. People think that this is an easy AP because you are not taking any actual exam. However, it is just as much work and is just as stressful. Although AP Art is difficult and time consuming it is very fun and worth the time. Getting to work on art 5 days a week makes me so happy because it is my time to relax. Our due date for the AP portfolio date is coming up very soon and everyone in my class is rushing to get work done, but we're still very excited. This class has helped me grow as an artist and as a person while I explored and pushed my artistic abilities to the limit. I loved this class so much that next year I am going to take it again, but I will be doing 2-D Design instead of drawing. I plan to do this is in order to gain knowledge and an ability to do a wide range of art. Art at Stevenson has also inspired me to study architecture in college. They are helping me explore this when looking at colleges and have helped me to look for architecture internships in the summer. I am truly grateful for the art program here at Stevenson and think everyone should try at least one thing in the program.


Hi! My name is Savannah and I'm a junior. I live in Scotts Valley, which is just about an hour north of Pebble Beach. I heard about Stevenson through a friend when I was looking at high schools, and I chose it because of the community and the diversity that it offers.

AP World History has been my most challenging class! I really enjoy sports and play golf, basketball ( my favorite team sport), and I also swim ( I participated in the Alcatraz Invitational Swim). I am also a member of the Christian club and a co-president of the OWP club (Open Water Club). I highly recommend the taco salad at Café Louie Louie and just love to hang out with my friends in my free time.

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How did you hear about Stevenson?I heard about Stevenson through a friend when I was looking at possible schools.
I chose Stevenson because...I liked the community and the diversity that it brought with it.
Something interesting about me:My favorite hobby is open water swimming. I do it with my mom and it relaxes me.
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