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Senior Year!

As I write, I am closing out my third year at Stevenson! What an adventure it has been so far. Now that it is May, my stress level has reduced significantly. I took my highly-anticipated AP US History exam, and I wrapped up another successful season in Track. Spring is always my favorite time at Stevenson: the daylight runs long into study hall, the air smells of blooming flowers, birds chirp outside my window in the morning, and my classes are in their most rigorous state. Graduation and other

Two years down, two to go!

Wow, how time does fly. I can’t believe that it has been two years since I started my time here at Stevenson School. As I have mentioned before, I began at the Stevenson Carmel Campus in 2007 as a first grader. Stevenson is a home and I could never imagine this school not being a part of my life. The transition from the lower school to high school was a lot different than I thought it would be. It wasn’t easier or harder, just different. Even today, two years in, I’m still

Time is Almost Up...

As a senior with about a month left of school, so much is crucial at this moment. Every single second is cherished and not taken for granted. As I wrap up my career at Stevenson I look back on all my highlights as a student here. I realize that the amount of highlights I have as a student here are abundant and that is what makes this place so special. It starts from freshmen year where I went to my first real school dance, the Freshman Mixer. I also reminiscence about my days as a student

Ending the School Year

The school year here at Stevenson is winding down and what a year it has been. I have had a really busy schedule, did the play for the first time, gotten really good at customizing my desk, climbed several large hills both literally and figuratively, and of course started this blog. This school year seemed to flash by at the speed of light, even though in some classes it seemed like time wasn’t moving. To think that in less than a month my sophomore year will be over seems ridiculous to

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